Test of the day after shakedown

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On February 22 of the previous day, the STI Super GT and Nurburgring 24 hour racing machine were unveiled. SGT is the first shakedown test as we have said in the series production process of this machine. The NBR machine has already been tested several times, but the appearance that the outer board was painted cleanly is the first time.


SUBARU BRZ GT300RaceMachine shakedown

However, the weather is bad and it is completely wet with weather like small snow. There is no low temperature, wet tire that the SGT machine can run, and test run is abandoned in several laps. Therefore, although the NBR machine also ran several rounds, it is not such a content that both can be called a test.

SUBARU WRX STI NBR RaceMachine shakedown
WRX STI [Specification for 2018].
The shapes of rear wing and rear fender have changed significantly


Positioning of the test menu this time has a strong confirmation meaning towards the Nursing turnout, is the change that has been made so far improved in a good direction? Or is it ineffective? It is a purpose to check such as.

SUBARU WRX STI NBR RaceMachine shakedown setting

Although it is a way to remove the break booster and use anti-lag, as a comment from driver Yamauchi Hideki as a comment, it is difficult to fine-tune the brake and there is no problem at all to step on with the strong such as the first corner of the Fuji Speedway, but the third sector, it seems that using the left foot brake is hard to adjust.

SUBARU WRX STI NBR RaceMachine shakedown briefing
NBR test. Driving mainly by Hideaki Yamanouchi

On the other side, tuning in the direction of decreasing air resistance and increasing downforce seems to have turned to a good direction by changing the body design. On this day the temperature was low and the rear downforce was on even in a situation where the grip was not so high, on the way, I was able to test even the tuning to reduce the downforce and further reduce the drag while letting the wing lie down.

Even with such a setting, I was able to run at 1’ 47” seconds, and Mr.Tatsumi said that it is too time for the goal time to fall for 1 second. It is said that if it is the goal to cut off 9 minutes at Nurburgring race, Fuji will be able to run in about 46 seconds.

SUBARU WRX STI NBR RaceMachine shakedown palettecareer
Pre-practice for loading on an airplane

It seems that the durability test by the long run test will be the center in the future. The machine leaves the country on March 22 and is scheduled to air to Germany. Therefore, it can be said that changes accompanying large processing are coming to an end.

■SGT Data collection with various combination tests. GT300 BRZ

The impact of the bad weather on the previous day caused the morning road surface to be wet, but it gradually became dry and the running test was successfully started. However, the temperature is still low at this time, you can not run with the tires for the race season, so you can not set up to match the tires. For that reason, it was mainly a test of positioning as checking each change point. The point is to increase the diameter of the brake and change the aerodynamics.

SUBARU BRZ GT300RaceMachine shakedown
Various data collection is done with data logger etc.

Especially the top speed was low, so far I have done machine setting in the direction to earn the shortage by cornering. However, this season is also focusing on aerodynamics and pursuing top speed.

Especially in the absence of elongation in the vicinity of top speed is not power shortage, there are also some aspects with high resistance, making aero in the direction to reduce air resistance. However, the downforce will be reduced by that amount, but the aim is to keep it to a minimum.

SUBARU BRZ GT300RaceMachine shakedown rearwing setting
Exchange the rear wing and check data such as downforce and air resistance difference

In this test we brought two kinds of rear wing. One is a wing of a shape combining a stay of a Swan neck shape in 2017 type and a straight neck in 2016 type. Data acquisition of each difference is also the purpose of this test, according to Shibuya general manager, if it comes to racing, we will change the wing by qualifying and final and change depending on circuit and season A fellow. For that reason, it is said that what wing, what type of drug and downforce it will be, data is necessary, it also became an important point of this test.

SUBARU BRZ GT300RaceMachine shakedown rearwing setting
I changed the angle of the wing and tested it

Although the diameter of the brake is also being made this season, the test of this day has a low road surface temperature, and we have not carried out a test that sets out seriously. It was a test mainly focusing on checking various parts and taking data. Still, the brake did not have the disadvantage of increasing the diameter, and although adjustment of how to make it is still necessary, I got a sufficiently good feel.

SUBARU BRZ GT300RaceMachine shakedown pipeframe suspension
The rear suspension is also of a rocker type, the same shape as the front

In the setting of the suspension, we exchanged the damper and the spring to match the aero dynamics of this season, and carried out the test. Also when the downforce changes, it is necessary to change both the spring rate and the damper attenuation, but it was a test that confirms the feeling only to the one with the grip different from the tire for the real race and to keep data to some extent .

SUBARU BRZ GT300RaceMachine shakedown Mr.Sibuya team director Mr.Iguchi Driver
Takuto Iguchi speaking with Shibuya coach

The SGT machine is trying to solve the problem of shortage of top speed this season. Especially change of aerodynamics is big, it will finish to the specification pursuing the ultimate of securing downforce while reducing air resistance.

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